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Related article: From: Edwin Gay Newsgroups: Subject: TG: "Charissa" (Magic Trans) Date: Sat, 7 Jan 95 22:01:31 -0500Charissa by Laura Leigh Bobby looked into the bathroom mirror. He was wholly dissatisfied with his weight, but had unhappily resigned himself to the fact that he would be heavy all of his life. He had tried all of the diet plans but nothing seemed to work for him; every time h e had managed to lose a little weight, he always gained it all back plus ten or fifteen pounds. He sadly accepted his two hundred-fifty pound frame as unchangeable and walked back into the living room. The house was elegant and displayed the wealth of its owner. Mrs. Leslie, a gorgeous, red-headed, thirty-nine-year-old former beauty queen, sat on the sofa, writing out a check for Bobby to take back to the grocery store with him. He delivered Mrs. Lesl ie's groceries each Thursday, without fail, and the woman had grown very fond thong models teen of him. "I guess I'll see you next week, Mrs. Leslie," he began. "I put your things away in the pantry and the refrigerator." As she handed him the check, the woman noticed his sorrowful expression. "What josie model pussy is it, honey? Why so sad?" "Oh," he began reluctantly, "it's just that I hate being fat. I've tried everything to lose weight and nothing works." "Do others make fun of you?" "Sometimes, I guess," he answered. He felt comfortable talking with her, and young russian models found himself opening up. "I've always been overweight and kind of quiet...I was called a sissy a lot in school. You know...always the last to be picked for softball, always t he last in everything. Not many friends. That's why I'm something of an artist...I entertained myself by developing those talents. But it isn't sandra model photobucket what others think that bothers me. I hate myself...and I guess I always will." She tried to comfort models serviced factory him. sex girl model "But dear," she began, "you're very cute. And smart as a whip..." He was unaffected by her words. "Maybe...but I'd give anything to be anyone else. Anyone thin." Bobby moved toward the door. Folding the check and putting it into his pocket, he sighed. "Oh, well...thanks. I'll get this to Mr. Randis as soon as I get back to the store. See you next week." "Wait, Bobby," she said, reaching litle models tgp toward him. "Come here a minute." She took him back into the living room and sat him down on the plush sofa. She took a seat beside him, holding his hands in hers. "How old are you, dear?" "Seventeen," he answered. He looked younger; his hairless baby face and soft appearance made him seem no older than fourteen. "How tall are you? Five-nine?" "Five-seven. Not very tall, huh?" She smiled. "Just right. Do you live with your parents?" "No. I don't have any. I was orphaned at the age of four, and I've bounced between foster homes since then. Right now, I'm on my own, models boys kid living in an apartment on Leigh Anna Street." "I live alone, too...I have ever since my husband died six pubescent model photos years ago." "I'm sorry." The woman looked into Bobby's eyes, evaluating him and coming to a modelette nude russian decision. "If you really want to lose this weight for good and become an attractive person, I latina model teen can help you. But you have to really want it." He doubted she could do anything for him. "Well, I do want it. More than anything. But you can't help me. No one can." The woman shook her head. "I can. It means a whole new life for job, new friends, and a whole new way of thinking. Not to mention a new body. But thong models teen if you sex girl model really want to be physically beautiful, I can arrange it for you." Beautiful? He had never thought of himself in those terms, and he attributed her choice of phrase to her obvious enthusiasm and her natural tendency to use words of a feminine nature. In any case, he could see that she was serious. Could it really be t rue? "Are you sure that..." "Dear...if you'll put yourself in my hands for three months, at the end of that time you'll be a whole new person. Young, and thin, and gorgeous. And most importantly, you'll be happy. I promise." "Mrs. Leslie..." "Monica. From now on, call me Monica, Bobby. We're going to be best friends." He smiled. "Okay. Let's do it. Whatever it takes." "This will be a full-time project, for both of us. You'll have to move in with me. You can have the spare sex girl model bedroom downstairs. Will that be a problem?" "No, I guess not," he answered. He was having trouble making his rent for the month anyway. "I'll be closer to work and..." "I want you to quit. I'll support you. Like I said...this is going to be a full-time program, Bobby, twenty-four hours a day. You're starting a new life." "Good," he said. "I hate the one I have now." * * * The next day, Bobby moved models serviced factory into model nude slovenia Monica's palatial house. Hers was an exclusive neighborhood, occupied only by the richest of the rich. Her money was old money, passed down in her family for as long as anyone could remember. No one quite knew how the Les lies had acquired their great wealth, but Bobby was unconcerned about that. She was going to help him. As he began to put his things away and hang up his clothes, Monica entered the room. "Oh, no, no, dear," she began. "I'm going to provide you with everything you need. You're my project...and I'm going to reshape you into my idea of physical perfection You must let me dress you and let me decide upon what hairstyle and grooming suits you best. Agreed?" "Gladly," Bobby said, handing her the slacks he was about to hang in the closet. "I trust your judgment more than my own. You're so beautiful and you have such wonderful taste in everything...I'm sure you'll know what's best for me." "Good," dagi blonde model she smiled. "Why don't you go slip into the tub. I'll get rid of these things of yours and bring in the clothes I've picked up for you." Sometime later, as Bobby soaked in the warm, sudsy bath, Monica knocked lightly then walked in. "Time to start things off," she said, holding a small faceted bottle of sparkling clear crystal that seemed to contain a pearly pink liquid of some kind. She pulled to top from the bottle and handed it to him. "What is it?" Bobby asked, watching the way bikini 18 models the mysterious fluid played in the light. "Do I pour it into my bath water?" "No, no," Monica laughed. "You drink it. One dose like that each day, for twelve days. Then, it will be in your system until it finishes its work." "How long will that take?" "Three months. And once the fluid has entered your body, there's no stopping it or reversing its effect. You'll be committed, for better or worse. Are you sure you don't want to be the same Bobby anymore?" "Positive," he answered, punctuating his response by downing the liquid in one swallow. "Mmmm...tastes sweet." He handed her the empty lazonamodelos bella bottle. "You'll get one of these each day for the next eleven days, now," Monica reiterated. "Then, at the end of that time, it will begin to erase the pounds from you and re-create you totally." Bobby smiled, anxious to see what the magical potion was going spandex teen model to do for him. preeteens model list "This is going to be the longest three months of my life. It's like being a kid waiting for Christmas." Monica turned to leave. "Dinner will be ready when you're done with your bath, dear. I've laid out some clothes for you on your bed." She shut the door behind her. Bobby laid back in the warmth of the bath and closed his eyes. This was like some wonderful dream -- finally, he would be rescued from the existence he had drudged through for as long as he could remember. He was grateful that fate had brought him toget her with Monica, and for the first time he looked toward the future with joy and anticipation. * * * Monica walked up to Bobby, model petite free the twelfth dose in her hand. "Here it is, dear," she said. "Last dose. Swallow this, and the process begins." Bobby gladly took the italian top models bottle from her and models sutton removed the stopper. Without a word, he downed its contents in one gulp and smiled. "Finally," he said, smiling. "I can't wait to see what happens now. I've wanted this for so long..." "Your wait is over. The changes are beginning, even now. By the end of October, you'll be a completely new person. No one you've ever known will even be able to recognize you." "That's what I want. Life as a different person. I was even thinking of changing my name." "Actually," Monica began, a slight smile on her lips, "that will probably be necessary. But let's see." She walked up and looked at his hair and nails. model nude slovenia "I'm afraid I've not been keeping up with your grooming as I should be." "No?" "No, dear. One side effect of the process you've undertaken is that your hair is going to grow in very full, very fast. And so will your nails. Something to do with stimulated protein keeps your body fed and healthy while it burns away the fat. Quite a drastic change in your metabolism has begun." He looked down at his nails. "I guess they do need cutting..." "Anna's coming in today to do my nails. I'll have her give you a full manicure while she's here...and I'll take you with me to the salon at the end of the week. We'll have your hair done there...a style that looks good on you." Later that day, Anna arrived for Monica's nail appointment. Afterward, the manicurist followed explicit directions from Monica and took care of Bobby, skillfully and carefully shaping his nails -- but not cutting them -- and applying a coat of clear poli sh to them. "I thought we were going to cut them short," sex girl model Bobby commented, looking at his longer-than-usual nails. Monica held his finished hands and looked them over. "Oh, no, Bobby...not at this delicate stage. Cutting them now could disrupt their new growth patterns. We'd best wait a while." She looked at his head of hair. "And preeteens model list with your face shape and bone st ructure, I think you'd look much nicer with a longer hair modelyoung nonude legal the end of the week, your hair should be long enough to really work with. We'll see what Suzanne can do with it on Friday." The clothes Monica had selected for Bobby were made of fine fabrics, mostly silks and expensive weaves. She preferred him in sexy australian models artsy, blousy shirts of delicate, shiny material, and he was more than happy to leave his appearance to her tried-and-true judgme nt. By Friday, Bobby's soft, dark brown hair had grown almost to his shoulders, making it far longer than it ever had been. He accompanied Monica to her salon and, closely following her direction, the stylist painstakingly sculpted Bobby's hair into an almos t feminine style. Following Monica's nod of approval, Suzanne sprayed the boy's new hairdo so as to insure that every hair remained in its proper place. No one had ever fussed over his hair in such a manner, and Bobby felt odd to be such a center of atte ntion. Finally, Monica smiled and paid the hairdresser, and she and Bobby left the salon. As the weeks passed, Monica's bathroom scale showed that weight was indeed falling away from Bobby's body. In a month and a half he went from three hundred to less than one hundred-fifty pounds, and his body finally appeared to have been freed from its l ife-long prison. Bobby noticed, however, that he was not losing weight evenly; he seemed to be slimming down faster in some areas than in others. He saw himself as lumpy. His waist, face, and arms lost weight easily and consistently, but his hips, thighs, and buttocks s eemed to be losing their body fat more slowly. His proportions were not becoming those of the slender beanpole he had hoped for, as fast as he had hoped. The clothes Monica constantly had to buy him always seemed to fit perfectly, however, no matter how unevenly his weight loss progressed. Apparently, she knew what british model lily sort of body shape to anticipate. "You're coming along fine, honey," Monica constantly reassured him. "Different parts of the body lose weight at different rates. Once you've lost all of the fat you're going to, we'll have to tone you up and firm you up. You'll even out...and I guarant ee you, you'll have a physique that will turn heads. Most of your body changes will come in ohio nude models the last couple of days, in fact, so don't worry. Wait for the finished product." "Okay, Monica. I guess I'm just too anxious." "Understandable, dear...but just think of all the weight you've lost so far. Look at's wonderful." "How much more will I lose? Shouldn't I just about be there?" "Your body will know when it's where it should be...but you're right. It shouldn't be much longer, now." Each week, Monica had Anna do Bobby's nails and had Suzanne do his hair. By this time, however, Bobby's shiny hair hung almost to the bottoms of his shoulder blades and his strong, polished nails were an inch long. They were impeccably done, yes, but Bo bby knew they made him look quite feminine. "Should my hair and nails really be this long?" he asked Monica one evening, looking at his perfect, ladylike manicure. "I look like a girl." "You look wonderful," Monica answered. "It's the perfect look for the new you. Sophisticated, elegant, and artistic...a lot like the rock group Queen looked in their early years. So...ethereal and mysterious. Don't you trust me?" "Well, sure..." "In fact," Monica began, "I want Anna to pierce your ears. There's nothing quite so chic as an impressionistic artist with diamond ear studs. I tell you, Bobby, I'm going to be so proud to introduce you into society...before long, you'll be a highly sou ght-after talent. Your work will small car models sell for thousands. Your name will be on the lips of the elite everywhere." Bobby thought about that. He would be set for life if that were true. "I never thought I would actually get the chance to support myself with my talent." "I promise you, honey...I know all the right people. You'll be a smash." Another month went by. Bobby's wardrobe had become a stylish assortment of silken, flowing robes and caftans. He had dropped to one hundred-twenty pounds and his build had become slight and graceful, made more so by the elegance of his long hair and the delicate, liquid fabric of his clothes. Anna had pierced his ears at Monica's request, and Bobby wore expensive diamond ear studs that were a gift from his sexy mentor. He was two weeks from the conclusion of his dramatic rebirth, and Monica was thrilled with his progress. "You're looking gorgeous, dear!" she excitedly said, looking him bahara model over one evening. "Like a work of art yourself!" "I can't believe it," he answered. "I never thought I'd lose that weight. It feels so good to be thin, now...I feel so light on my feet." "In a couple of weeks, you'll feel even better. Your body is going to spend that time making fine adjustments and final changes. Oh, look at you..." She examined his soft, perfect face. "Like an angel...a human work of art. A sculpture by my own hand s." Bobby looked at his delicate hands and long, perfect nails. He walked over to a mirror and gazed upon his reflection. "I look so...different, Monica," he said, rubbing one hand upon his cheek. He was angelic in appearance, and at the same time he was quite androgynous. He saw that he was beginning to take on a somewhat curvy figure beneath his clothes. He continued. "A couple of days ago, a waiter at the Foresse mistook me for a girl the whole time I was there. Called me 'Miss'...he even pulled my chair out for me when I sat down." "How did you feel about that?" Monica asked. "I...I don't know. Kinda funny...I was too embarrssed to correct him." Monica walked up behind the boy and looked over his shoulder and into the mirror. "Your body had to reach a null point from which to rebuild to your final form. That's where you are now...sort of a non-sex between the sexes. Remember what I told you? Most of your final appearance won't take shape until the very last day." She smiled. "You're already a different person, now, like I promised you would be." "Yes," he sandra model photobucket smiled. "Thank you for that." He turned and hugged her. "I want you to consider staying with me, honey, even after you've become your exciting, new self. Please say you'll think about it." "I will," he agreed happily. "I was hoping you'd ask." The final two weeks passed with little further change in Bobby's body -- until the last day. Bobby arose that morning, flipped back the covers and groggily swung his legs over the side of the bed. He had been sleeping very hard, and found it difficult to awaken -- he was still half asleep as he slowly rose to his feet. Through the deep fog of h is semi-conscious state, Bobby became aware of an odd motion in his body as he made his way slowly and a bit clumsily toward the bathroom sexy australian models door. Walking past the dresser mirror, the image of a stranger caught the corner of his eye. He jumped, startled, th en gazed blurily into the mirror. Bobby struggled to focus his vision. Even through the misty curtain of his uncertain eyesight he could see that, as he had slept, his body had completed its miraculous transformation. Stunned, he could only stare. His mouth hung open in shocked disbeli ef. A total stranger stared back at him. He saw that he had, as Monica had promised, become a perfect specimen of physical flawlessness. He had gained a perfect shape -- youthfully firm, toned, and very, very attractive. Parts of his body had become more p rominent while others tgp model girl had diminished, but no part of his flesh seemed the same anymore. He recognized nothing of the person in the mirror. Bobby was no longer an effeminate boy. With one glance at the mirror, he knew that never again would anyone look upon him and think of him as a sissy. Ever. Then again, no one would ever think of him as Bobby, either. As if in a trance, Bobby continued toward the bathroom door. His new body felt surreal as it moved, each step a new adventure. He entered the bathroom, found the huge lighted mirror there and turned it on. A dozen brilliant makeup mirror bulbs flared to life, clearly revealing to his suddenly-awakened eyes a sight that forced him fully alert. Look at me -- how can this be me? I can't be this person! It's impossible -- Monica! What did you do to me? Bobby experimentally bounced upon model sexy tara his heels. As he did so, he watched in the mirror as something pulled heavily and gelatinously against his body, jiggling with aftershocks following each bounce. It was a sensation he had never felt before. He found it curiously enjoyable, but knew instantly that no part of his previous life could be his any longer. He was an effeminate teenage boy no more. He was no longer a teenage boy at all. Bobby was a teenage girl. His hands instinctively came up and found the immense mounds of warm softness at his chest. For a seventeen year old girl, he was amazingly well developed. His breasts were huge, perfect, and utterly feminine. Their great size and weight was indescribab le to him, but he knew that they were certainly larger and more perfectly-shaped than any he had ever seen in men's magazines -- he would later discover that his was a 34DD bustline -- Like Monica's. He felt large, hard nipples against his palms as the roundness of his new mammaries filled his hands to overflowing. He caressed the immensity at his bosom and wondered at the sensation. Bobby's new silken, glorious body was sexy, voluptuous, and youthfully firm. He saw the extreme extent to which his figure was perfectly curved as his disbelieving eyes followed the sensuous lines of his new shape. His litle models tgp waist was much higher than before, and much, much smaller; his hips were wider than before and much, much rounder. His buttocks were smooth, rounded, and larger as well, giving him a most feminine derriere. Bobby's hips flowed freely and gracefully into the curve of his thighs, and his e yes followed the line of his figure all the way down the length of his silky, sexy legs. My legs are gorgeous, he realized. I'm built for sex, now -- sex with men -- His soft, flowing, dark brown hair had changed color -- it had become a natural, deep auburn and had, overnight, grown even longer and fuller than it had been before. The wide, full mane hung beyond his waist, tickling his soft, rounded buttocks. He rec ognized its shiny, healthy hue, that of pure spun copper intertwined with gossamer strands of ruby. It was exactly the same color as Monica's. Bobby's face now bore no resemblance to the one with which he had gone to bed. It had taken on a velvety suppleness even beyond that it had known before. His cheekbones were more prominent. His lips were teeny teen model fuller. His eyelashes thong models teen were luxuriously long and dark. His nose was a little smaller, and its cute new shape ideally adorned the rest of his new face. His perfectly-shaped eyebrows formed slight, curved arches that complimented his soft, green eyes. Green eyes, he realized -- my eyes were brown before. Now, they were the same color -- -- as Monica's. His delicate neck was long and slender. His ivory shoulders, now silky smooth and much more narrow than they had been, were covered by his cascading auburn hair. Bobby curiously placed his right hand against the left side of his neck then slowly ran the hand along his shoulder, under his wealth of gorgeous hair, and down his upper arm. The supple skin he felt was like warm velvet. His hands, too, had changed. They were smaller and more delicate, and had taken on a babylike softness that made them seem as if they had been pampered for a lifetime and had never thong models teen once had to lift so much as a finger. His long, femininely-shaped nails suited them ideally -- Bobby realized that his lovely nails were no longer coated with clear nail enamel. Instead, he found himself wearing a thick, hard, glossy coat of dark, pearlescent wine polish upon them. How had it gotten there? He knew the color well for he had seen it almost every day for months -- -- on Monica. He saw that his toenails, using the same polish, had also been done to perfection. In stunned denial he just stared, speechless, into the bathroom mirror. He could easily have been Monica's younger sister. Or her daughter. Fearfully, he finally allowe d himself to glance down at the reflection of his naked crotch. His penis and testicles were gone. In their place were the outer lips of a lovely, perfect vagina, framed my a small, sparse grove of feminine, auburn pubic hair. "I'm...a girl...!" he finally vocalized in a stunned whisper. "I'm really a girl..." Still naked, Bobby ran back into the bedroom and out into the hallway. "Monica?" he called frantically, realizing as he did so that his voice had changed along with his body. A pretty, softly feminine sound emerged from his lips with each word. "Look a t me...look what happened...!" After searching the whole house, he realized his lady benefactor was not there. Where could she be? As he passed the open door of Monica's bedroom, he caught sex girl model his reflection in her vanity's large, round mirror. Transfixed, he walked quietly into the bed room in order to take yet another look at the nude young woman he had become. A small note was stuck into the mirror's frame. Bobby walked closer and pulled it down. It young model nonnude read -- Bobby, Good teeny teen model morning, honey. By now your transformation is complete and you've awakened as the lovely person you're always going to be. I young sweetheart models hope you like the new you. I'll be home soon. My things are yours --feel free to wear my makeup and any of my clothes or jewelry you want to. She knows -- I think you'd look especially nice in my white evening dress and matching pumps. He read the last line. That's my girl. I love you -- -- Monica She knows. Of course she does -- she made me this way. She knew from day one that I was becoming a girl. The generous array of feminine beauty products on the vanity table called out to Bobby. He was drawn to them irresistably, as if by a magnet, and nervously took a seat at the vanity. Looking into Monica's large, illuminated makeup mirror, he again took stock of his new features. Something within him had to know just how pretty his face and body could become. Bobby knew he wanted to wear Monica's makeup, lingerie and clothes more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. I'm a woman -- I want to look like a woman, dress like a woman, feel like a woman -- He picked up Monica's hairbrush and gently drew it through his long, shiny hair, styling the sleep-mussed mane into an exquisite, attractive coiffure. young sweetheart models Its gently-curling fullness flowed upon his shoulders, and it widely and sensuously framed his sweet fa ce with its sweeping, lustrous shine. In light of his new, feminine context, Bobby realized that Suzanne had been doing his hair as a woman's from the beginning. Monica's vanity was very well-stocked, with only the finest and most expensive of cosmetics. While Bobby knew little about cosmetology, he was an excellent artist -- and he proceeded as if his face were a canvas and the cosmetics before him were artist's colors. He began with Monica's light, ivory foundation, a step which, due to his flawless complexion, he could easily have gone without. But he had sometimes watched Monica as she did her face, and he wished to emulate, as nearly as possible, every step she herself took in her own process of self-beautification. He did not want to miss any part of the feminine ritual he had undertaken. He picked up the woman's mascara and began to apply it, carefully stroking the coated brush through his long lashes. Bobby quickly built up both an upper and a lower thickness, framing his eyes with a deep, seductive curtain of silky black. He then appl ied black eyeliner, the line of which he softened and blended outward as he had seen Monica do. Bobby watched in fascination as his eyes, with little effort, transformed into sensuous windows of pure, alluring femininity. He artistically stroked on smoky eyeshadows, using his painting techniques and adapting them well to the application of the color. The deep shadow flowing out from the outside corners of his lashline created upswept drama that was deeply sensuous. Happy with his eyes, he then brushed on blush and contour, making the most of his fabulous cheekbones. Nervous with excitement, Bobby picked up Monica's dark red lip liner pencil and drew a perfect angel's bow outline around his full, sensuous lips. He had but to fill in the line with lipstick and his facial metamorphosis would be complete. He selected a frosted wine lipstick that matched his nails and opened the tube. He supposed that its deep, pearly color was the very one Monica was wearing at the moment, for he recognized the Loreal shade as Monica's favorite. Its softly perfumed fragr ance was pleasantly feminine. He held the lipstick ready before him, looking upon its pretty purple and gold case. Twisting its base, the colored stick rose in the hollow shaft until it had emerged far enough to be used. For Bobby, the lipstick tube had always been a powerful symbol of utter womanhood. He tgp model girl had always loved watching Monica use it as she looked into th e little mirror of the compact she carried in her purse -- the act seemed to define the state of being a woman in such a model nude wiltshire simple, sexy way. A thrill rose in his throat. His heart pounding, Bobby gently stroked the lipstick across his lips, leaving its dark, pearlescent color upon them. He applied a heavy coat to both his upper and lower lips, then pressed them together in that way he had seen spandex teen model Monica british model lily and so many other wo men do. As he did so, a strange, intangible female warmth filled him, comforted him, made him feel wonderful. It was as if the woman he had become had suddenly taken up full residence within him. Bobby closed the lipstick tube and set it back down. He looked at the lovely girl in the mirror and smiled the pretty smile that was now his. He wanted to sing and dance and shout his news to the whole world -- I'm so pretty! I'm so happy! I'm a girl! The young woman's face possessed a softly-sculpted vulnerability that was totally devoid of any quality that might indicate the presence of even the smallest degree of underlying masculinity. It was a face of willing submission. A face of delicate beaut y, to be loved and cherished -- -- a face of utter femininity, and of sheer, enchanting female sexuality. His visage was that of a seductress with sexy, crystalline eyes that possessed an irresistible, bewitching sensuousness. Any man would melt upon merely gazing into them, for they were the kind of eyes that haunted men's dreams. His was now and forever a face of ethereal beauty, and his deep, sparkling eyes, full, supple, delicious lips, and gorgeous auburn red hair were those of someone to be fought over, owned, and treasured as a goddess. Bobby had become a girl of exquisite perfection. I can't stop now, he thought, compelled by the woman within him. I have to see myself -- completed. "I never thought I'd get to do this," he whispered under his breath as he reached into Monica's jewelry box and withdrew a pair of large, dangly hoop earrings that she often wore. Removing his ear studs, he slid the posts of Monica's earrings through his pierced ears and pushed the stays into place. He looked good in them. He followed the earrings by putting on Monica's matching necklace, a fine gold chain with model nude wiltshire a tiny heart hanging from it. "Oh, Monica..." he whispered, in love with the thought of being such a beautiful young woman. "Thank you...!" Bobby rose and walked over to Monica's dresser. After checking a few drawers, he found a silky pink strapless bra and panty set. He excitedly sexy australian models slipped into Monica's lingerie, having little trouble with the bra's closure hooks. "Look at me," he said to himself. "I'm putting on a bra..." He stood before the dresser mirror and adjusted the cups until he felt he had accomplished a proper positioning of his new maxwell preteem models bustline. His soft, smooth, hairless body looked and felt most natura l in Monica's underthings. "I need a bra," he happily realized. "I'm a full DD-cup, like Monica." He sat down on the edge of the bed and slid his smooth legs into the pink silk panties. Their cool fabric felt soft and wonderful against his skin. He then picked up a pair of Monica's pantyhose, noticing as he did so that there was a tiny menstrual sta in on its cotton crotch panel that had not come out when washed. The woman within him drew pleasure from knowing that soon he would have his own period. Again, the fit was excellent; the hosiery hugged every contour of his shapely legs, giving them a sex y, silky sheen. He slipped into a pink satin half-slip, letting it slide delicately down his legs sexy australian models as he held them in a feminine, fashion model pose. Like the panties he wore, its fabric also felt cool and pleasant against the sheer nylon of his stockings. Taking a deep breath, Bobby glided softly to the closet. He slid the door open to reveal the huge walk-in space where Monica kept her extensive wardrobe and walked in. He drank in the fragrance of woman's perfume that permeated her things. Bobby walked along the row of womenswear which hung there, trying to decide which of the designer fashions would best suit his figure. He wanted a dress, definitely -- pants were men's things. He chose the revealing white gown that Monica had recommended in her note to him -- he had often enjoyed seeing it on Monica; reaching down, he then chose a matching pair of Size 7, white high-heels from among the many pairs of dress pumps on her rack. Bobby carried the clothes over to the bed. He nervously stepped into the delicate dress, pulled it up into place and zipped its back zipper -- and was stunned. It fit perfectly. His voluptuous, youthful figure was virtually identical to Monica's, and the tightness of the dress allowed him to see just how totally female his body had become. The plunging neckline and low back of the dress revealed much, making h is prominent cleavage and smooth shoulders seem that much more feminine. Its hip-high slit skirt showed off his left leg in all its delicious splendor. The slinky fabric embraced his waist, hips and thighs, emphasizing his voluptuous curves and making hi s bustline seem even more generous. Looking into the mirror, his ecstatic mind soaked in the sight of his lovely form as the figure-hugging dress he wore clinged to him. The fit was exact -- it was as if Monica's dressmaker had made the dress for him. Standing, he looked down and easily slid his feet, one at a time, into Monica's pumps. He knew that only the day before his feet would have been too big for them, but once again the fit was perfect and his feet filled the sexy women's spandex teen model shoes as if his own feet had broken them in. Despite their four-inch spiked heels, walking model nude slovenia in the pumps seemed to come as second nature to him. In mere moments, he grew comfortable and familiar with the extreme angle at which his ankles had to support his weight, and he lo ved what the shoes did for his legs. Back at the vanity, he selected a ladies' watch, a gold bracelet, an ankle bracelet and a few other pieces of jewelry and adorned himself with them. He sprayed himself lightly with Monica's expensive perfume. Her glittering, diamond rings fit him perfectly. Her clothes fit him perfectly. Her shoes fit him perfectly. He was fully dressed in Monica's things, and nothing but her things. Bobby sandra model photobucket sat on the bed and looked across the room at the pretty lady in Mon ica's full-length mirror. Watching himself, he crossed his silken legs seductively and sat in the most feminine pose he could imagine. "Hello," he began demurely, as if he were meeting someone. He held his hand model petite free gracefully outward as if it was to be kissed, and spoke with a womanly cadence. "I'm Monica's so nice to meet you." He squealed in delight, clapping like a little girl. Bobby loved the soft, female ohio nude models aura of his new body so much that he regretted ever having been male. He knew that he could go anywhere pubescent model photos as he was now dressed and, of course, be perfectly and naturally ac cepted as the lovely lady he had become. Bobby wondered how it was going to feel to walk sexily down the street, knowing the guys were all staring at his gorgeous new body. He wondered how it was going to feel to be called 'Miss' and how it would feel to use the ladies' room -- And Bobby wondered how sex as a girl would be. Images of himself naked in bed with a muscular man flooded his mind, and he smiled -- He picked up a purse that matched his shoes and teeny teen model paused before the mirror once again, primping as if he were making a final check before a date. As he bent over toward the vanity mirror, making tiny changes in the way his hair swept over his forehead and upon his bare shoulders, he felt a desire. It flared for an instant, then seemed to subside. But it would return -- Bobby had fun pretending he was Monica Leslie. He went downstairs, consiously unaware that his walk had become the same fluid, sexy glide as Monica's. As his high-heels clicked against the polished wood of the stairsteps, he loved their sound, loved the ir snugness against his dainty feet. He thrilled at the constant bounce of his breasts and the feel of the tight dress against his long, gorgeous legs as they moved. Going into the kitchen, he set his purse down onto the table and began to make coffee. Bobby sat sideways at the kitchen table, legs crossed sexily. Reading the morning paper, he dipped his fragile necklace in and out of his deep cleavage and sipped his coffee from a mug labeled 'Monica' on one side and 'Sexy Lady' with a rose design on th e other. He thrilled at the sight of the lipstick print he left on the mug with each sip. Seeing an ad for an expensive new salon, Bobby picked up the cordless phone and dialed. "Le Femme Magnefique...this is Cindy," a voice responded. "Hello...I'd like to make an appointment, please." "Yes, Ma'am," the girl on the other end said. amateur model pretty "How may I help you?" "My name is Monica Leslie. I'd like to get my hair, nails and makeup done. The works. Do you have an opening tomorrow?" "Our full pampering includes a free leg wax...would you like that, as well?" Bobby glanced down at his slick, hairless legs. "No, thank you. I won't be needing that." "Would 2 PM be all right, Miss Leslie?" "Fine, honey. I'll see you then." Bobby hung up the phone. He smiled, enjoying life as Monica. The doorbell rang. Bobby was filled with a strange self-confidence he had not possessed before, the confidence of a sexy woman who was ready to take on the world. Across the living room, through the frosted glass of the front door, he could see the figure of a man. The be ll rang again. Bobby walked over to the door and, after taking a deep breath, pulled it open. The summer mattsmodels galleries visitor was a phone repairman, and Bobby found himself extremely attracted to the man's virile form. "Uh...hello," the man began, momentarily stunned by the girl's extreme beauty. "Are you Monica Leslie?" "Yes, I am," Bobby loved saying. "You called yesterday? I'm here to install an upstairs line." "Come in," Bobby said, pulling the door open wider. His sexy voice was erotic. The man entered, looking over a yellow repair order. "Actually, my models boys kid roommate must have called," Bobby began. "She didn't tell me you were coming..." the girl added, subconsciously using a seductive tone. "I guess she told you where the phone goes." "Says here...upstairs master bedroom, Miss Leslie." " me Monica. model nude slovenia I thought there was already a phone up there...but, come on. I'll take you." Bobby led the man up the stairs. He watched Bobby's rounded, voluptuous ass move from side to side beneath his tight, white dress as his gorgeous le gs swung upon his hips, a mere two feet before the repairman's face. As the phone man soaked in the girl's perfume, he felt his cock began to respond; he reached down and secretly adjusted the bulge in lil models his underwear so that his growing erection would be l ess noticable. He followed the young woman into the bedroom and over to the far side of the ornate canopy bed. "There is a phone here," Bobby said, indicating the elegant telephone on the bedside table. "Your orders must be wrong. I don't know if..." Bobby's words died off in mid-sentence. A strange expression crossed his face as the odd sensation returned. "Are you okay, Monica?" the repairman asked, concerned. Bobby sat on the bed, arm's length from the still-standing man. Bobby had not merely assumed a woman's flesh. He also had a woman's mind and a woman's deepest desires, but to an intensified degree. Instinctively and emotionally, Bobby was excessively female. Irresistable cravings within him claimed him as his new p ussy grew hot, wet, and anxious to be filled. His nipples became hard. His breathing grew lustfully deep. Simply having the repairman in the same room was driving Bobby crazy -- His new hormones raging, Bobby was like a mindless bitch in heat. His new female libido ruling him, he found himself reaching out to hurriedly unbuckle the belt of the gorgeous man standing before him. In seconds, to the man's delight, the girl had unfa stened and unzipped his pants and was sliding them down the repairman's hard, hairy thighs. The sight of the straining bulge in the man's tight underwear set Bobby's insatiable new hunger afire. His breathing grew even deeper and more rapid. "Look, Monica..." the man began, "I think we should..." "I think we should have sex!" Bobby finished. "What?" The moan of a desperately horny woman leapt from Bobby's lips, his voice heavy with lustful excitement -- "I want you to fuck my pussy..." Bobby squirmed as he reached behind for the zipper of his dress. He could feel the insides of his bra's tight cups against the soft skin of his breasts and felt the hot wetness of his hungry, dripping vagina. As the man watched the beautiful girl drop h er dress, hose and panties to the floor, his erection rapidly swelled to full size. Bobby managed to unhook his bra and let it, too, fall to the floor, exposing the enormous bounty that now graced his chest. The weight of his breasts was exciting, their soft form erotic. Their enormous, hard nipples cried out to be sucked. The repairman's heart pounded with the sight of the bare breasts before him, both his for the taking. He reached out and caressed Bobby's tits with both hands, pressing them together and playing with their huge nipples. Bobby leaned up and kissed the ma n, probing his mouth with a lustful josie model pussy tongue. "Do you like my tits?" Bobby teasingly asked. "Oh, yeah..." the aroused man replied. "They're perfect..." "Suck them...ooooooh...suck my tits...suck my nipples..." the woman begged/commanded. The repairman knelt down and put his mouth to the girl's erect nipples, one at a time, sucking them, squeezing them, and gently chewing them while Bobby played with the man's hair. The man kneaded the huge breasts with both hands as he sucked, his shaven whiskers tickling Bobby's delicate skin. For several minutes, Bobby held the man's head against his bosom, head back, eyes closed as the aroused man continued his erot ic nursing. "I want to see your me your cock," Bobby desired. The man rose models serviced factory to his feet, standing right in front of the girl. Bobby stripped the man of his underwear immediately, leaving a huge, granite penis jutting majestically outward from his naked g roin. Bobby grabbed the huge cock excitedly with both hands, running his delicate fingers and soft palms repeatedly along its warm, majestic length as he savored its great size. "Its so big..." the girl moaned. "So" Bobby leaned forward and kissed the head of the erect cock, leaving a perfect lipstick print upon its ethnicitymodels tip. "You must be very proud..." The repairman excitedly pulled his white T-shirt off over his head, leaving him totally naked and exposing the forest of curly black hair upon his chest. He had picked Bobby's pink silk panties up off of the floor -- holding them to his face, he deeply s niffed their crotch. "I love the smell of pussy..." he moaned. "I love model nudist pix the taste of cock..." Bobby smiled lustfully. Still sitting on the bed, he leaned forward once more and hungrily took the man's rigid penis into his mouth. The act felt right, felt natural to Bobby. The man held Bobby's head against his crotch as the girl hungrily mouth-pumped the organ. After a few minutes of sucking and licking and loving the warmth and taste against his tongue, Bobby sensed that the time had come. He pulled the straining organ from between his lips, licked its head like a l ollypop josie model pussy a few times, then kissed its tip one final time. Then, after quickly slipping his feet back into his still-warm pumps, Bobby laid lusciously back onto the bed. Bobby spread his legs wide, inviting the man into his steaming pussy with an alluring gesture of his hands. The repairman, mere putty in the hands of the young seductress, quickly climbed atop Bobby, mounting him as a male sexually mounts a female. "Put it in...hurry...I want to feel it...!" Bobby moaned, making the man even hotter and harder. Eyes closed in delicious anticipation, the nymphomaniacal girl's bent, widespread knees were pushed even farther apart by two powerful hands. Bobby then fel t the blunt, insistent head of the lazonamodelos bella man's huge, veined cock press against the entrance to the glorious, sexual orifice 'she' had not before possessed. There could be no turning back, for the massive man had taken total control and the new woman, trapped beneath him, her legs spread wide, could but yield to his blazing, primal urges. As the muscular phone man pressed his hips forward, his iron erection slid wetly into the girl models sutton and Bobby knew an incredible sensation she should never have known. It was the primal, female sensation of having the huge, hard, and unstoppable cock tgp model girl of a powerful man driven deep into one's vagina while one was helplessly pinned to a mattress by the weight of the man's hard, sweaty flesh. The repairman used short, insistent strokes to press farther into her, and with each push Bobby winced in pleasure/pain. Her vagina was being stretched to accomodate the huge cock, and the man continued to drive deeper until their pubic hair crushed toge ther and the repairman could feel that he had pushed all nine inches of his cock into her as deeply as it would go. Braced above the girl on locked arms, his hips nestled fully into the cradle of her widespread thighs, his pelvis grinding hard against her s. Bobby's face was a picture of sheer female erotic joy as the man's cock reached an incredible depth within her. "It's in, Monica. All the's it feel?" "Ooooooooh, yes!" the girl cried out in unbridled ecstasy as the hard penis within her filled her whole world. "Pump it...oooooooh...that feels's so and out..." The man lustfully began to pump his member in and out of her, feeling the tight walls of her virgin pussy around his stiff cock as his own sexual excitement rose. The girl held her legs high and wide in the air, her high heels dancing with each thrust of the man's cock. Her pussy was tight and exotic, and it joyfully embraced its male counterpart with ripples of spasmodic energy. Bobby danced inside, her mind embracing italian top models the fact that she had a pussy filled to overflowing with the engorged penis of the stranger atop her. She clamped her vaginal muscles around his pumping rod as tightly as she could and playfully ran her dainty fingers through the man's chest hair. "Ooooooooh...I'm having sex with...the phone man..." Bobby sexily squealed, smiling lustfully as she recalled all of the unbelievable Penthouse letters she had read that spoke of similar situations. "These things really do happen..." "Damn straight, baby," the stranger said, breathing heavily with teen models lola the exertion of his passion. "Want me to pull out before I come?" "No! Don't you dare..." Bobby moaned in feminine pleasure. "I want to feel you come inside me..." the girl begged. Monica walked into the house through the kitchen door and set her purse on the table next to the one Bobby had left there. Recognizing the other purse as one of her own, she knew it had not been there when she left. She saw that the morning newspaper al so on the table was open to the fashion section. Spying her half-empty coffee mug, Monica picked it up and spotted the lipstick print on its lip. A woman had been sitting there. Thrilled, she knew exactly who that woman had been. Monica then noticed a sound and tipped her head up slightly, toward its apparent source. She heard squeaking bedsprings, punctuated by feminine moans of pleasure. Monica smiled and set the coffee cup down. "That's my girl," she said happily. The phone man lowered himself and lied flat upon Bobby, pressing his chest against hers as he continued to hump her for all he was worth. They shared a wet, deep kiss, their tongues lovingly exploring the rooves of each other's mouths. After a few momen ts they broke into a series of gentle kisses and the man pulled away, laying his head beside hers. Bobby turned to kiss him lightly on the ear. Bobby loved having the man's weight against her breasts and stomach. She reached nude modelling up to caress the man's sweaty back, encouraging him to increase his frantic pumping. Bobby slid her hands down, reaching as far as she could down the man's hard, hairy butt ocks, and roughly massaged his steel ass with her soft hands. The stranger responded, pumping harder with each thrust of his hips as he moaned into the pillow beside Bobby's head. His deep, masculine voice reverberated in Bobby's ears. "Mmmmm...yeah, sexy australian models baby...ohhhhh..." "Ooooohhh..." Bobby murmured, her dark, glossy lips forming a tight, sexy 'o.' "It's good..." A further shock of pleasure/pain swept her as the cock inside her drove deeper, and as she bit her lip she begged for more. "Fuck me, Mr. Phone Man... fuck me harder..." As the words grew loud enough, ringing softly in her pierced ears, she realized that her voice was not merely feminine but was powerfully sultry and seductive -- the kind of steamy music that poured from the lips of sex kittens and brou ght men immediately to erection. It was a female melody that could make men hard just by reading the phone book. The man responded, picking up his already frantic rhythm and pounding his cock deeper into Bobby's tight, wet pussy. "Yeah, baby...anything you say...I'm yours..." "Tell me...I'm me by my name..." she asked. "You're gorgeous,'re the most beautiful girl I've ever seen...I mean it..." "Tell pussy...feels good around...your cock..." "Oh,'s so good...sweet pussy, Monica...sweet pussy...fuckin' you feels so good, Monica..." Then, along with the wet slap of their genitals, the heavy sound of their breathing, and the rhythmic squeak of the bouncing mattress beneath her, Bobby became aware of the sound of someone else in the room. She looked toward the door. The beautiful Monica had walked in to find the naked, glistening lovers in her bed. There Bobby was, a young woman now, dressed only in white pumps with her legs spread high in the air and a naked man between them who was pumping away for all he was wort h. thong models teen Monica was so happy she wanted to cry, but she maintained a more proper facade. "Young man...!" she firmly began, "I leave for an hour, and while I'm gone you fuck my daughter in my own bed...?!" Staring at the woman, the phone man stopped his furious pumping, fearing her wrath. She could have him fired -- "Hi, Mama," Bobby said innocently, a huge smile on her lovely lips. She played her part to the hilt. "Oh, you were right about feels so good..." Monica continued. "You know, she's only seventeen! You're fucking a child!" The man had been fooled by Bobby's voluptuous body, one that seemed at least twenty-one. He froze, aware that he could be arrested if the girl's mother chose to press charges. "I...I didn't know..." he pleaded. "That's no excuse...!" Monica paused for dramatic effect, then suddenly smiled widely, seeing his panic. "But I'll forget I ever saw this...if you let me watch my little girl becoming a woman!" " mean she's mean you want to watch us..." "She's a virgin. Is she a good lay?" Monica asked the man in a deep, sexy voice. "She should be." "She's...she's great!" he replied, his breath coming in deep gasps as he resumed his wild fucking of the girl. "Good," Monica responded with a smile. She looked approvingly upon Bobby's excessively feminine form and young russian models saw herself at seventeen -- a sweet girl ripe and ready for sexual adventure. "Is it good having his cock inside you, honey?" "Mmmmm..." Bobby moaned, filled with the physical joy of being female. She smiled widely at Monica, her pretty lips gleaming with the wetness of the lipstick she wore. She closed her bewitchingly beautiful eyes and drifted on a sexual sea of female fulf illment, floating with the bounce of the mattress beneath her as the man continued his animalistic ravaging of the gorgeous teenage redhead. "He's a real hunk, Monica," Monica commented, playing lazonamodelos bella along, reaching out models boys kid to feel the hardness of one of the man's sweaty biceps as he lied atop the girl. She then rested her cool hand upon his tensed ass as it bounced up and down, his cock ramming deep into the pussy Monica had given Bobby. "Oooooh...I'd like to get a little of that myself." Bobby's huge, dancing breasts moved upon her chest with each pounding thrust of the man's penis, and Monica watched them with a satisfied eye. "Such lovely tits you have, honey..." she said, reaching out to caress one of them. "They're absolutely perfec t." Bobby, in the throes of sexual ecstasy, could only smile. She felt so alive. Having the man between her legs felt natural and was incredibly exciting. She could not imagine how she had ever lived for all those years with the ugly, ridiculous penis that had once been a part of her body. Bobby's clitoris was on fire with an electric pleasure she had never dreamed existed. Her orgasm swelled, spreading into her entire lower abdomen as its climax grew near. Her breaths came in greedy gulps -- Monica smiled widely, standing back to watch her daughter's first orgasm. The repairman suddenly rammed josie model pussy his cock deep into the girl and stopped pumping. His semen was a split second away from exploding into the woman. Bobby felt the man's thighs tense up atop hers -- -- and his come spurted into Bobby, showering her deep with his steaming, creamy seed. At that same instant Bobby's female orgasm ignited every nerve in her body and set her afire with the blazing passion of being a woman. She screamed out in her femini ne squeal with the orgasm's intensity; her vaginal muscles locked tight and a new sensation swam among her senses. "Ohhhhhhhh...yes......! I'm...I'm......!" A flood of hot vaginal juices poured from Bobby's electrified pussy, bathing both the bedsheets and the man's crotch with the steaming fluid. young russian models Eyes tightly sealed, Bobby gripped her wondrous tits, pinching her long, hard nipples with her polished nails as the orgasm within her reached its peak. She cried out, sparkles filling her closed eyes. As their orgasms began to fade, the lovers collapsed into a sweat-soaked heap of erotic flesh. "I...I never had sex like that before...never..." the man said, out of breath. Bobby laid quietly beneath him, lightly stroking his back until he pulled out of her. After a few minutes, the repairman dressed and gathered his equipment. Monica escorted him downstairs and let him out of the house. Bobby, a smile of extreme satisfaction on her pretty lips, was still lying naked upon the bed when her benefactress returned a few moments later. The woman sat beside her, stroking her long, shiny hair. "How was it, honey?" Monica asked softly. "It feels he's still inside me." Monica smiled. "That's normal, for now. Your vagina will stretch as you use it." "That note boys porno models you left knew. From the knew I was becoming a woman. You wanted me to put on your things...wanted me to have sex with that man..." "Of course, dear. I sent him here. I knew that this morning your metamorphosis from caterpiller into beautiful butterfly would be complete...and I wanted to give you the opportunity to fully enjoy your new body." She looked over the girl's immense bust line and soft, sexy curves. "I'd say you turned out extraordinarily well..." "Why didn't you tell me I was turning into a girl?" Monica continued to run her fingers lightly through Bobby's latina model teen hair. "If I had told you that the only way I could change bikini 18 models you meant your becoming a girl, you would have said 'no' and you'd still be the same, sad person you were before. Even if you had wante d to become a girl, your male pride would have forced you to tell me you didn't. I had to do something to help you...and this was what I could do." She paused. "There's so much I want to teach you now...there are so many fine points to living life as a woman." She continued to play with the girl's gorgeous auburn hair, fussing over her. "All the little things. And one day, you'll find yourself a nice young man and settle down with him somewhere." Mental pictures flashed in Bobby's mind. She would be the bride at her wedding. She would spend her married, adult life having loving sex with her husband. Monica sighed, amazed at the completeness of Bobby's transformation. The former boy was every inch a girl, from her lovely face to her slender ankles. "From now on, feel free to wear my things anytime you want. I'll bet you were lovely in that dress." She indicated the heap of white on the floor. "You may not want to raid my closet any more, though...your things are just as pretty." She clasped her hands together in delight. "My things?" "Your new bedroom, right next to mine...a young lady's room...has a closet full of gorgeous dresses and sexy high heels. Your dresser is filled with all of the unmentionables a girl could need." Bobby brought her soft, pampered hands up and gently lifted on the undersides of the rounded, feminine mounds that protruded youthfully outward from her chest. Squeezing gently, she enjoyed the firm suppleness that belonged to that living tissue common o nly to women. She loved the sensation of feeling her hands against her warm bosom as they cupped the new, amazing roundness she had there. "These...feel nice." she said. Bobby sat up and slipped back into the satin bra she had worn earlier. Her generous mammaries pressed against each other as they exceeded the restraining confines of her straining ethnicitymodels cups; the upper contours of her breasts with their prominent, fleshy cleav age and its distinctive vertical line made a cry of joy build within Bobby's throat. The little gold heart still hanging from her delicate gold necklace had nestled into her deep valley, held snugly on both sides by the soft flesh of her inner breasts. "Oh, honey, they're beautiful," Monica said, glowing with pride for Bobby as she looked happily at the girl's new bustline. "I'd say you're a good D-cup, at least...maybe even bigger...oh, you're so lucky! You may even be a little better endowed than I am -- looks like that bra of mine you're preeteens model list wearing could stand to be a little roomier." Bobby could only stare down at her breasts in joyful silence. Her mammaries were huge and wonderful signposts of her new gender, shouting out the fact of her womanhood for all the world to hear. Their weight pulling against her chest was an exciting, co ntinual reminder of the glorious fact that she was now that dagi blonde model which she had secretly longed to be. She couldn't wait to show off her voluptuous tits on the beach, her bahara model body covered with the glossy sexy australian models sheen of body oil, her breasts held precariously within the s training confines of a string bikini -- bouncing as she walked the fluid, sensuous walk of a flirtaceous woman. She stood slowly and turned again toward the mirror. Her reflection was that of a luscious redhead with that intangible feminine aura and air of female self-identity common to all beautiful women. She glowingly radiated the sexual confidence of a seduct ive woman who knew just how to use her body for the entrapment of men, and knew how to please them, and herself, once she had lured them into her bed. In short, she had been recreated in Monica's image. Monica sat and looked at her creation proudly. "You're complete now, honey. Everyone begins female in the womb...I've returned you to your true sex. You're like me." She could barely believe it. Transfixed upon her reflection, Bobby lightly began to caress that part of her right breast that was visible above the silky cup of her bra. "Why...why do I look so much like you? I mean...I have your figure and your hairco lor...and my model petite free face even looks child model naked a lot like yours, there's a strong family resemblance between us." Monica rose and littlecuties preten model stood beside her, her gentle hands upon her shoulders in model nude slovenia reassurance. "Honey...the potion I gave you was very, very special...something my dear, brilliant husband created before he died. He was a chemist...a genius. You see, we could ne ver have children, and I did so want a daughter. The pink elixir was his answer to the problem -- a miracle drawn from my genetic makeup and his." "What were you going to do with it?" "Well, our original intent was to adopt a girl and give the potion to her, which would, in essence, make her our real daughter. Our bloodlines would continue through her. But my husband died before we were able to start our family, and I never quite had the courage to do it without him. Not until you came along..." "But I was a boy...?!" "It didn't matter. Any young girl taking the elixir would simply become a different girl...but any boy taking it would accomodate its effects by completely changing sex as his genetic makeup was rewritten. model children nonuden I knew that by giving you the elixir I could gi ve you a new life and get the daughter I wanted so badly at the same time. You were the first and only one ever to take it...those twelve doses were all there was." Bobby looked down upon her soft flesh, astounded young sweetheart models anew by the miracle the elixir had wrought in her formerly male body. "So, I look like you because..." "Because you are my daughter. The elixir created a whole new, female DNA structure in family history flows in your veins, now. Every cell in your body carries a girl's genetic pattern. Your chromosomes are double-X now, just like mine. Like e very girl's." Bobby put her hands to her head, overwhelmed by it all. "I love this body...but all this has happened so fast..." "What's important is that you're a young lady, now. A young, beautiful lady. With a new life...a happy life...the life I promised you." Bobby tried to model children nonuden look down at her crotch, yo models young but found she could not see beyond her breasts and their smooth cleavage. Monica smiled anew, enjoy
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